Ok, I admit it. I'm a planner. Especially when it comes to vacations.  I may actually have more fun planning these family treks than I do going on them, but that's another neurotic post for another day.  
Anyway, amongst American-Jewish families, there's this cultural tradition of sending the children away to summer camp.  I realize, of course, how ridiculous this subject is, considering we just started the school year, but hang in there with me for a sec.  Now, back in our day, my husband and I were sent away for the entire summer, as early as 9-10 years old (see note about neuroticism earlier in the post for reference point).  Hot hubby and I met when we were 11-years-old, at a Jewish sleep-away camp in Mountain City, Georgia.  To answer your question, no, we did not date consistently since our latency periods, but the summer of 1981 (ack!) does serve as an important marker in our story.  
Our daughter, Rocker Chick, has been going to camp for several years now, but only for 3-weeks at a time (we can't bear her gone any longer than that).  We almost recruited her younger sister, Drama Queen, this past summer, but she backed out, afraid of being away from home for that long.  Plus, she suffers from some significant anxiety issues, enough where medication is needed (more on that megillah another day), so we weren't going to push her on this one.

So, long story short, now she swears she's ready, especially if she can go to the same camp at the same time as her big sister.  We adore our girls, rather be with them than without, but true confession time: the idea of getting Hot Hubby all to myself for 3 WEEKS UNINTERRUPTED is almost too much for my sleep-deprived brain to handle.  We can run with scissors. We can walk around naked.  We can actually have sex without having to time it between knocks on the bedroom door. It's like having hotel sex without the mints on the pillows, or clean sheets, but I digress.

So we will enjoy our school year, the coming season of autumn, followed by the merriment of winter and the holidays. We will rejoice as the first crocus peaks its purple blossoms out of the tundra, greeting us with the promise of green, mossy warmth.  

But summer - ah summer. She is our bewitching mistress, full of radiance and sweat and late nights filled with voyeuristic stars.  Ok, I've just made summer sound like a character out of Boogie Nights.  Sorry. You get the idea.


09/10/2013 4:15am

May the year pass quickly for you. It sounds as though the traditions are shaping up nicely chez toi.

And thanks for teaching me the word 'megillah'


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