Ok, not that you'd buy it anyway, but for the record? This is not me.
This is def closer - as long as you take off ten years and add hair extensions!

Anyway, for the record, I LOATHE when smart, beautiful women (and anyone reading this blog automatically qualifies for that category, thank you very much) get together and bitch about how fat they are. Oy...I always want to pull out my hair and say "See? SEE? This is how the patriarchy segues our raw awesomeness into piddly puddles of lost potential." So forgive this post in advance.

It's one thing to embrace your curves. It's another to rising health issues because of it. Over the last couple of years, I've tried a litany of programs, but recently, I've enrolled the help of a physician and I'm actually seeing real results without wanting to chew my face off.

Dare I say I'm feeling I'm getting some of my flirty moxie back? 

So I've got a question for you all...how much would you like for me to post about this personal quest? Quick updates? More details, like stats, sample days, middle of the night God wrestling matches?  I don't want to make this blog a weight loss themed deal, but I'd like to keep y'all posted on what I'm up to - as long as it is in your interests.  If not, no worries!

Until next time,  Ms. C.
11/4/2013 08:33:36 am

Milestones -- frequency that will help you stay on the track & celebrate successes without creating guilt or obligation.

11/4/2013 02:56:43 pm

I'd read it. Your viewpoint and perspective would be interesting.

11/4/2013 10:52:29 pm

Ok, you asked for it! ;)


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