Don't let the mom jeans fool you.  I like sex. Not only do I enjoy my cardio between the sheets, but I love all the flirty stuff leading up to main event.
The subtle smiles.

The sneaking glances.

The suggestive remarks.

Of course, my hot hubby and I are the parents of two kids. Our Rocker Chick is a teenager, and hence, she sequesters herself in her sanctum voluntarily...but our 9-year-old? Ms. Drama Queen? We are wholly convinced that her inborn superpower is to sense the minute we're getting snuggly and barge the bedroom in a single bound.

Side note: I tried to find a picture of kids barging in on parents or in between, and this is the kind of bull crap noise I found. 

Who sleeps like that?
Or this?
This kid obviously doesn't biologically belong to these two - and these two are obviously not parents. Or old enough to procreate. But I digress.
There we go - now THAT'S more like it.
Anyway, while it makes me sad to admit it - I know I look like your typical suburban mom on the outside. 

Comfortable clothes from Old Navy and Eileen Fisher.

An ass spread twice the size of my shoulder width.

A perennially haggard look.

A penchant for high-waisted, control top underwear.

But don't let appearances fool you.  Inside, I'm a manx hell cat. A dirty girl who wants to be punished. A woman who longs to call out loud into the night with ecstasy...without worrying about waking up the kids.  Or having to squeeze it in between play-dates or before we both pass out from exhaustion.  And sorry, but sex-free vampires or 50 shades of bullshit doesn't do it for me.  They're such sad, poor excuses for heart-wrenching, primal passion.  And most porn acts as if every woman lives to live on her knees - and the women-centric stuff is a sappy sack of poopy. 


I bring this up because while I really enjoy so many of the mom-blogs online, so few address women in a multi-dimensional, complex way.  We are well-rounded beings, even if our American culture wants to relegate us into the Madonna-Whore paradigm...even if our kids seem to drain every last sexual urge out of us, like an overused, tired teat on a dried up milk cow.

Don't worry - I won't be starting any erotica-friendly writing workshops or switch my blog's focus.  I just wanted to put this tirade out there.



10/03/2013 5:28pm

Good to have a place to rant and get it all out of you.

There are a few 'mom sex' blogs out there, not that I could remember where they are to recommend.


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